The 5 Musts of an Awesome Competition

We've all been there. The chalk has settled and the blisters have been dealt with. You say your goodbyes and before you even get into the car to make the trip home, you decide you're coming back next year.

What made that event successful? In our experience hosting events, we have found 5 key factors that determine the success of a competition.

1. The Competition. Might sound redundant. But is the event set up in such a way to attract the right contestants to the right place to go head to head with like athletes? While our sport does an incredible job of celebrating everyone's fitness, when it's comp time you'll want to be paired with someone you can truly compete with. The Open Leaderboard gives "The Buckeye Games" the exact tool to make this fitness matching possible.

2. The Programming. We get it. We're a different breed. Somehow we like to be punished but bad competition programming is no fun. It's imperative that the programmer strike a delicate balance between challenging and somewhat enjoyable - in its own way. The athletes should leave the event with that sense of "That was brutal! What are the dates for next year?" Along those lines, the programming should be safe. Obviously, any sport carries with it its own set of risks. Of course, athletes need to use their own judgement for safety but the programming should not set up the whole field for preventable injury. Competition WODs should be tested in advance with a population of similar skill level so that adjustments can be made if needed.

3. The Judging. Hot button here. If you have been competing for a while, you've probably been a victim of poor judging. Or maybe the judge was fine but he/she was a poor communicator so you ended up doing an unnecessary rep of something because you got lost in the WOD. Communication and consistency are key. Judges need to strictly adhere to the same standard across the board. In order for a competition to pull this off smoothly, communicating with qualified judges in advance is imperative.

4. The Schedule. You should not have to wonder when you should drink your pre workout. Heat times should be assigned well in advance and like a drill sargeant the event director keeps everything moving. The clock rules and a well organized schedule template makes everyone happy. This means the comp relies on dozens of volunteers to move equipment and to communicate with athletes.

5. The Facilities. Nerves and pee go together. Just the facts. A well run event acknowledges this and knows to anticipate crowds around the restrooms/port-a-potties keeping them well stocked and clean. A proper warm up area is also integral to the success of the event. Nothing like knowing you have a snatch ladder coming up with no barbell in sight.

Of course, besides the "5 Musts" there are hundreds of perks like the vendors, the food, the quality of the shirt, and of course the PRIZES! The Buckeye Games is committed to delivering the 5 and a whole lot more! Stay tuned for our announcements of "perks" in the weeks ahead.

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