Ask any CrossFitter about their competition preference and they will certainly let you know. Some prefer to fly solo, controlling their own destiny while others enjoy the team dynamic of the sport. As the team aspect of our sport has grown in popularity, events have responded. No doubt, Rich Froning set a trend when he decided to "retire" by going team. Since then, many have followed suit.

For those "team" folks, myself included, it feels a bit less pressured when the work load is split. Teams offer individuals a chance to showcase their strengths and allow partners to step up and even out any weaknesses. But as the popularity of "team" rises, WODs are getting smarter. Competition WODs often don't allow for any one individual to "hide" and work to purposefully expose any team weaknesses.

And besides requiring a great deal of movement skill and aptitude, teams live and die by STRATEGY. For team members, this is where the fun comes in. Developing a strategy that works, rehearsing transitions, and outsmarting the field are all fair game when the stakes are high.

The Buckeye Games is excited to bring about an exclusive, adrenaline charged team competition. We've kept the guidelines simple and familiar: 6 team members (3 men, 3 women) all from the same 2016 Open Roster from the Central East region. Unlike our individual competitors, teams from out of state are invited to attend as long as they are in the top 25% of the region. See our INVITATION LIST HERE. Team members do NOT need to have contributed to an Open score. We realize that some of the contributing team members might choose to compete for the solo Buckeye title, giving others on the roster a chance to step up and fight for the $7000 at stake for teams along with sweet swag!

As a team, you can expect a high level of competition thrill and exposure for the entire two days. Team heats will be interwoven with Individual Men and Individual Women heats so that the entire athlete field is receiving the same amount of support and visibility. And before and after the comp? The Akron/Cleveland area is filled with great hotels, nightlife, and plenty of places to fill and refill your plate after a grueling day with the barbell.

So to sum it all up: the first place team goes home with $4000 cold hard cash (2nd place, $2000, and 3rd place $1000). And everyone takes home a sweet tee, a bonding community spirit that sticks, an unforgettable, unifying experience, and their share of bumps, bruises and congratulatory high fives - and Instagram moments.

So what are you waiting for? Got a team ready? Take advantage of the early bird discount and save 10% by registering by this SUNDAY 4/24 using promocode BGISAVE10. We're saving some chalk for you!

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